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Venturing into far corners of the globe, my calling lies in the challenge and passion of translating stories, especially those that aren't my own, into captivating visual narratives. I believe that video is a powerful tool, one that can be used to convey a message, a feeling, an idea. Through my work, I wish to engage and excite people, making any creation a full-on experience, and one to remember.

Filmmaker, Photographer, Storyteller.

  • - The making of "Wallowing Bull", 2024

  • Riverton Ranger - Article about “YeeHaw Boy”, 2024

  • Short films matter - feature 5-star review, 2024

  • DIYphotography - Article about filming at sea, 2023

  • KTBV-7- (LIVE NEWS) - a segment about Wallowing Bull music video, 2023

  • KTBV-7- (Website) “Music is medicine - wallowing bull music video”, 2023

  • Wyoming public media - “Musician and Artist Christian Wallowing Bull Interviewed on Wyoming Sounds”, 2023

  • Portfolio magazine - article about “Wallowing Bull” music video, 2023

  • County10 news, Wyoming - “Wallowing Bull music video”, 2022

  • Great Falls Tribune, Montana (Print) - “Award-winning Israeli filmmaker helps Harlem high school graduate”, 2021

  • The cultural experience - “Stories from filming in Alaska”, 2020

  • HAARETZ - “Women travel the world alone”, 2019

  • Walla travel - “A Lesson in Survival”, 2019


  • Double feature on Adobe’s Behance -“Wallowing bull music video”

Featured in “film” and “premiere pro”

  • Feature on Adobe’s Behance - “Northbound”

Featured in “film” and “premiere pro”


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